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Young adult novel Angel and Brie

Angel and Brie



For pre-teens 9 to 13

Publisher's Weekly calls this young adult fiction "a charming...coming of age which the pint-sized Thelma and Louise head out on bicycles for an adventure that will bring them closer to each other and their own feelings."

Angel and Brie are foster sisters, Angel a sassy rebel, Brie a nerdy scientist. Both 13-year-olds are on a quest to save a wolf-dog hybrid by taking a road-trip on their bicycles. Angel has been in and out of over a dozen foster homes. She hangs out with delinquents and has to do community service to pass 8th grade, but never gives up hope that her rocker dad, Jocko, will pull his life together and give her a home. Enter Brie, her new super-smart, animal-loving foster sister, who is also in denial about needing a home. When Brie discovers that a wolf-dog hybrid named Wolfie is going to be euthanized, she sets out to take her to Wolf Home, which just happens to be near the town Angel’s dad is playing.

Middle grade novel Island of the Ghost Bear

Island of the Ghost Bear


For kids ages 8 to 12.

Writer's Digest calls it "a delightful story both well told and interesting...with depth not often seen."


Written by Barbara Lopuszynski under the penname of B.J. Johnson, 

Island of the Ghost Bear won Semi-Finalist in the 2004 Independent Publishers Book Awards for Juvenile/Young Adult Multicultural Fiction and Honorable Mention in the 2004 Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.

Daniel wants to be an artist like his successful brother, Leonard, and follows him to Seattle. But, nothing goes as planned for the 13-year-old. How could he end up in jail being mistaken for a thief? Leonard realizes that his little brother is hurting and takes him in the dugout canoe he carved on a journey up the Inside Passage, back to the land of their Northwest Coast Native ancestors. Daniel gets a chance to prove himself when poachers threaten the pristine Island of the Ghost Bear with chain saws. Perched in a cedar, with only a friendly raven to help hatch a plan, will he be able to save the island from destruction? And, will he survive the attack?

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