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December 2016

Angel and Brie got a new review from Writer's Digest.

Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of two fosters sisters who are thrown together and should have nothing in common.  They set off on an adventure to save a wolf-dog and through their adventures they discover that even though they are so different, they care for each other and for the foster mother who has been caring for them. 

The writing is wonderful.  Barbara Lopuszynski has written a novel that will appeal to middle school and young adult girls.  There is so much meat to this story.  All of the characters are well written and readers will really care for these two girls.  Angel and Brie and all the other persons in their lives and the ones they encounter on their journey are interesting and memorable.

I can see including this novel in my library and recommending it to my girls!


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